Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller: Indicators Of Recession and Investment Process (2018)

An interview with billionaire investor and founder of Duquesne Capital, Stanley Druckenmiller. In this interview, Stanley discusses what indicators he uses to predict if a recession is coming, his are currently on amber and getting close to red. Stanley also talks about his investment process and evaluates a range of investments. 📚 Books on Stanley Druckenmiller’s investing technique are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:01 You want the FED to stop?
5:24 What do you see?
7:32 Same indicators to predict the last four recessions?
12:34 From amber to red?
14:30 25 basis points won’t make a difference?
16:33 You want the FED to pause?
19:41 Cover to Trump?
22:37 Confidence in this FED board vs Obama’s FED board?
24:10 More respectful of financial markets?
24:32 Big money is made because of central bank mistakes and subsequent market liquidity, why warn others?
26:56 Does the end look worse?
28:17 Any way central bank can withdraw liquidity without causing a bust?
29:11 How poor are the returns?
29:48 Are we in a bear market now?
31:10 The bottom is a way off?
32:27 Profitable stage in the cycle?
36:52 GE?
37:44 Have you bought anything over the last two months?
39:18 Shorts?
42:28 Oil?
42:56 How much does politics play into your investment process in the Trump era?
44:13 Does it matter if the government shut downs?
44:31 Brexit trade?
45:44 Pound dropping?
46:08 The market does not generate the same kind of signals as it use to?
50:45 Are the markets more or less efficient?
52:11 Are you inconvenienced by passive investors?
53:08 QE has not worked for Hedge funds?
56:22 To much money in hedge funds?
56:42 Grumpy?
58:08 What are the characteristics a money a manager should have?

Stanley Druckenmiller Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
The New Market Wizards:

Interview Date: 18th December, 2018
Original Image Source:

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