Billionaire Cliff Asness: Momentum Trading, Investor Psychology and Hedge Funds

An interview with billionaire quantitative investor and co-founder of AQR Capital Management, Cliff Asness. In this interview, Cliff discusses his momentum trading strategy and how to exploit other investors psychology. Cliff also talks about the worth of Hedge Funds, Bubbles and Liberty.📚Books by Cliff Asness and books on him are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:18 Momentum trading strategy?
0:44 What returns could you earn?
1:19 Why is it larger for small stocks?
2:06 Why doesn’t everyone follow this strategy?
4:00 Whats the human imperfection that allows your strategy to work?
8:05 Price reversal in the long term and overreaction in the short term?
10:38 Psychology of overreaction?
15:26 Discipline to do momentum investing?
16:32 Does Eugie Farma admit you are right?
20:01 Risk doesn’t explain anything about asset prices?
23:38 Are there more market inefficiencies to be found?
25:19 Afraid of leverage?
28:32 What is likely to be a bubble?
33:28 Less worried than I am?
34:58 World biggest bond bubble?
38:35 Overrated or underrated?
40:31 Extreme outlier that is a superior performer?
44:14 Most common investment mistake of laymen?
46:35 How to make securities trading more just and fair?
50:02 Are hedge fund returns worth it?
54:43 An individual who has promoted liberty that is most undervalued?
55:50 What side of Ayn Rand philosophy is the weakest?
58:29 Hidden influence?
1:02:18 What should policy makers better understand about the financial markets?
1:06:21 Start of Q&A
1:06:39 Will the industry open up to non accredited investors?
1:08:13 Who are on the opposite end of the trade?
1:14:45 Biotech trend?
1:16:43 Economics and super heros?
1:18:55 Passive gives more potential for active managers?

Cliff Asness Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
Short Selling
The Quants:

Interview Date: 18th November, 2015
Event: Mercatus Centre
Original Image Source:

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